HMIS Training

New User Training

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ART and Reporting

Refresher Training

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ShelterPoint Training

Registration Information


Client Consent Forms

Chicago HMIS Privacy Packet (All documents)

Chicago HMIS Client Consent for Data Sharing and Privacy Posting and Practices Documents (Individual documents)

Coordinated Assessment

Chicago Ending Veteran Homelessness Initiative - Client Consent Forms for Data Sharing

HMIS Partner Agencies

Chronic Homelessness Initiative

Rapid Re-housing (RRH) Client Consent Form

Outreach Database - Client Consent Form for Data Sharing


Chronic Homelessness Initiative

HUD Programs (the HUD CoC and ESG Workflow)

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Chicago Ending Veteran Homelessness Initiative

HHS RHY Workflow

DFSS Youth Collaborative Evaluation Project

Rapid Re-housing (RRH) Workflows

PATH Programs

Outreach Database Workflow

Problem Solving - Data Issues and Corrections

Client Data Sharing - Locking Records

Data Quality

Editing a Client Name and/or SSN

Entry and Exit Issues

User Guides

Data Quality Plan

HMIS End User Policy and Code of Ethics

Standard Operating Procedures

Interface Agency User Guide


ESG (Emergency Solutions Grant)

Data Quality Process

2017 HUD CoC Competition

Dashboard Reports: Creating a Counts Report

APR Reports

HMIS Federal Partners Communication

HMIS Data Standards

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Federal Registers – Legislation

Housing Inventory Count


Agency Technical Administrator (ATA) Meeting Presentation Materials

Community Community